Message from our Partner, Patent Attorney,
Masayuki Kushibuchi

The goal of the Intellectual Property (IP) Right that includes Patent Right is not obtaining an issuance of its right. To put it bluntly, you can obtain patent right on everything you can think of.

Scope of claim for patent should reflect the scope of the invention in a broad sense. Also, patent right itself should generate profit for the patent right holder. It is not too much to say that, growth of your business could depends on obtaining such brilliant patent right. By generating and repeating cycle of patenting, recovering R&D cost, then investing in next R&D, patent right becomes the “property” for the first time.

We have been providing the best support to our client by focusing on the future of the granted patent.

For many years to come, we are going to support our client on their IP need with our know-how obtained from our rich experience.

Managing Partner, Patent Attorney Masayuki Kushibuchi

Managing Partner, Patent Attorney
Masayuki Kushibuchi