Our Records

We represent our client Domestically and Internationally.
Total number of patent applications filed exceed 12700.
We proud of having long term great relationship with our client.

Industry Technology / Field Type of Applications
Information Technology Computer Software Control, Image Processing, Internet Technology
Communication System Near Field Communication, Antenna, Radio Transmission Technology,
Inter-Vehicle Communication
Business Model Business Model Related Patent
(Medical Information System, Financial / Accounting System)
Electric / Electronics Audio and Visual Device AV System, Acoustic System, Electronic Instrument, MIDI, VR
Car Navigation System GPS Technology, Self-Navigation Control, Display Technology
HVAC System Air Conditioner, Compressor, Air Conditioning Control
Optical Device Optical Waveguide Device, Optical Amplifier, Photodetection Technology,
Optical Read / Write Device
Game Table Control and Processing
Lighting Unit Tunnel Lighting, Road Lighting, Environmental Lighting, Lighting Application
Computer Hardware Processor, Memory, Input Device, Peripheral Equipment
Electrical Device Horologe, PDA, Sensors, Photographic Device Visualizing / Imaging Device
Semiconductor Logic Circuitry Processor, Memory Control
Machines and Related Components Automobile
Body Frame Structure, Engine, Combustion Technology,
Transmission Technology, Suspension Technology,
Lighting Auxiliary Component, Aerodynamic Technology
Precision Equipment Horologe, PDA, Printer
Other Mechanism Mechanical Configuration, Mechanism, Mechanical Layout
Others Semiconductor Manufacturing Photoresists
Medical Equipment
Consumer Product Design
Construction Technology Construction Method
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