Our People

Many clients entrust us to represent them for many years,
and that makes us proud.

Customer satisfaction if our primary concern.

I handle both domestic and foreign patent cases. It is very rewarding to receive an allowance on the patent application I worked on. Especially, when I receive an allowance upon responding to an Office Action with the amendment I suggested, I do my fist pump sneakily. One of the charm about this firm is that, many of our members are in rising generation. I can be inspired by our young courageous’ sensitivity to get a feel for the fast changing world.

I learned to work meticulously.

I work as a clerk and handles domestic and foreign cases. I learned to work meticulously, and otherwise it could get the firm discredited. Working with my own-way will easily lead to mistakes, therefore, I always keep in mind of the importance to follow the routine. When a product, which patent application was filed with big effort, become celebrated such as in the conference, I feel very delightful.

Meeting deadlines strictly is the key.

I work as a translator (Japanese / English / Chinese) as well as a clerk handling foreign cases. In a IP firm, we weight meeting deadlines strictly very heavily. Even a single small mistake can cause other members great trouble. I always make sure to work promptly following the work procedure to strictly meet deadlines. I can learn various knowledge regarding foreign IP practices. It is very exciting to work in an environment where I can always engage in handling new and innovative invention.